Sunday, October 15, 2006

Playing on the train table with Papa Ed. Posted by Picasa

Sleeping precariously in the new bed. Posted by Picasa

Helping Daddy cheer on Georgia Posted by Picasa

Watching the Georgia game Posted by Picasa

Checking out the new toy. Posted by Picasa

First revelation of the new train table. Posted by Picasa

Visiting Mommy working with the Human Relations Council. Posted by Picasa

Getting tossed by Uncle Shane. Posted by Picasa

With Grandpa. Posted by Picasa

Uncle Brian helping put together birthday trains. Posted by Picasa

Checking out the birthday cake Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Eating cake and practicing blowing out the candle. Posted by Picasa

Andrew and his Granddad blowing out the candle. This was hysterical as Andrew started with small, little blows gradually to blowing quite hard. He blew over the candle four or five times before actually blowing it out. We neede relighting the candle many times. It was a fun day. Posted by Picasa

Thomas was all over the place at Andrew's second birthday. Posted by Picasa

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